What Classes Are Available?

Most of the courses are based around one of our resources, such as the Front Splits Fast Flexibility Program, and all course participants receive the appropriate manual, included in the course fee. Please note that we do have age restrictions on some classes due to the depth of the content. However, we can customise certain classes to the ages of your students if needed.

These unique workshops combine specialised physiotherapy knowledge to accelerate the development of a dancers technique, by eliminating many of the common physical restrictions including reduced pointe range, restricted turnout and decreased flexibility and core control. The courses are fun and engaging for all students, and they leave with a wonderful feeling of empowerment, with the tools to transform their own body!

Student Workshops: All student workshops go for 2 hours and include a copy of the associated manual. 

The Perfect Pointe BookThe Perfect Pointe Book A –  2 hours – Ages 10+ – This course is the best place to start for most students, and is open to anyone aged 10 years and up. Learn everything you need to know before starting en pointe! This course follows the first 2 stages of The Perfect Pointe Book focusing on flexibility and strength of the feet and ankles,a s well as isolation of all the small foot muscles. This course is essential for any student who is either already en pointe, or starting pointe in the next 12 months. Also suitable for boys and dancers not interested in pointe work . This workshop also includes massage technique and exercises designed especially for dancers to maximise performance and technique.


The Perfect Pointe Book B – 2 hours – Ages 10+ – Stage 3 and 4 of the book involve looking at turnout and core strength that are essential before starting en pointe. Learn exactly where your turnout muscles are and how to strengthen them! There is also a progression of the foot and ankle strengthening which was started in Stages 1 and 2. NB: It is assumed that students attending this course have already attended The Perfect Pointe Book A, so the book is not included in this course. 


FrontSplitsFast-book-only-nobackgroundFront Splits Fast – 2 hours – Ages 13 + – This class works through the unique program that we have designed to get maximum flexibility in record time! Learn how to mobilize the ‘Fascial’ and ‘Neural’ systems that have been holding you back, and learn how to stretch without being sore the next day! Includes massage techniques and mobilising exercises to unlock areas of your body that may be contributing to reduced flexibility. Designed for students aged thirteen and older . This workshop will change your entire concept of flexibility and has been life changing for many participants!



Core Stability Course for DancersCore Stability for Dancers – 2 hours – Ages 13 + – Most core training addresses the big, global movement muscles. While these are important for any dancer, true core strength is more subtle and comes from much deeper within. Designed for students thirteen years and older, this course uncovers the details of true core control, how to train the right muscles and how to apply this in class. The aim is to achieve dynamic and fluid control of the spine, helping achieve higher extensions, better turns and relieving any back pain.


Advanced Foot Control

Advanced Foot Control – 2 hours – Ages 13+ – This unique course is specifically designed for more advanced students and teachers. It’s the ultimate guide to getting the best out of your most valuable tool as a dancer – your feet! This course is designed to teach you to be your own foot physio! Learn the anatomy of the dancers foot in a fun and easy way, enabling you to not only understand how the muscles in your feet work, but also exactly how to make them work better for you. You’ll also learn strengthening and massage techniques for each muscle, teaching you how to treat yourself and prevent unnecessary injury. Essential for any dancer or dance teacher serious about their training.


Training Turnout ManualTraining Turnout – 2 hours – Ages 13+ – Our unique Training Turnout program covers the anatomy of the dancers hip in an easy to understand way. In this course you will learn many different releases to improve your range of motion, as well as how to work out exactly where you are restricted. Additionally, there are progressive exercises to train all of the important muscles involved in great hip control, including standing leg turnout, turnout en fondu and controlling turnout en l’air. This is an essential course for any dancer and will help to increase your extensions and functional turnout range.


Teachers Workshops:

PerfectPointeSystem-full-nobackground-xThe Perfect Pointe System: (4 Hours – Dance Teachers) – The ultimate guide to assessing students for pointe, or to fine tune any dancers technique. Essential for any serious Dance Teacher, this four-hour workshop is an excellent way for Dance Teachers and Health Professionals to learn the detailed process of a structured Dance Assessment, with special focus on preparing for pointe.

All of the tests and exercises discussed in The System are demonstrated and the focus is focussed on hands-on learning. The price of the course includes the full Perfect Pointe System, including 2 manuals, 4 Audio CD’s, A CD ROM of all of the PDF files, a Poster and all of the bonus materials available online.

NB: A discount is available for teachers who have already purchased The Perfect Pointe System – proof of purchase essential.


Other Teachers Workshops:

Additional workshops may be arranged as required to cover topics such as Turnout and Core Control in more depth than is covered in the students course.