Level 3 Foot & Ankle Intensive – Hervey Bay: 15-17 January, 2024

$600.00 AUD

  • Do your dancers struggle with frequent foot and ankle injuries that put them out of action at the worst possible times?
  • What if there was a way to prevent many common injuries, and ensure the best possible healing of any current issues?

Our Level 3 – Foot and Ankle workshop is a 3 day, in-depth exploration of the dancers foot, and the multiple factors that impact recovery. It is perfect for Heath Practitioners who work with dancers, as well as high level dance teachers.

You will learn how to assess the dancers foot in detail, effectively manage current foot injuries, and gain an in-depth understanding of how to avoid many preventable injuries in dancers. The course includes multiple taping techniques and rehabilitation guides to help dancers suffering with foot injuries recover as quickly as possible.

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The course fee includes: 

  • Three Day Workshop – 18 contact hours
  • Detailed, full colour, professionally printed course manual
  • Gift bag with tape and cream used in the course
  • Lunches and snacks for the duration of the course
  • Extensive online resources to support learning


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How to Improve your Pointe Range Safely - Pre-Reading

It is highly recommended that you are familiar with The How to Improve your Pointe Range Safely Program, before attending the Level Three Foot and Ankle Injuries Intensive, to review the anatomy and help understand Lisa's approach.

This unique program works through specific assessment of the foot to determine the exact points of restriction, then employs a specific set of self massage, mobilisation techniques and specific exercises to achieve your maximal pointe range safely!

Please note that this is a digital product only and will give you access to the videos and ebook online, for hardcopy books order directly through Amazon. This resource is available at a 20% discount when you secure your spot on the Level Three Foot and Ankle Injuries Intensive.


  • Location: Sparks Dance Centre
  • Address: 15 Driftwood Court, Urangan, Hervey Bay, 4655
  • Dates: Monday 15th January, Tuesday 16th January & Wednesday 17th January, 2024
  • Times: 9am to 4pm daily

Sparks Dance Centre



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