Ai Sato - Health Professional

Company Name: Performance Medicine


Location: Southbank, Victoria, Australia 


  • Attended: Level 1 Teacher Training, Melbourne, 2017 and 2018, Level 2 Pointe Intensive, Melbourne, 2018  


Ai Sato graduated from Victoria University in 2007, and has a Diploma of Dance Ai utilises her dance knowledge in her remedial massage and has become an expert in dance-related remedial massage. For more than 10 years, Ai has been the school massage therapist and anatomy and fitness lecturer for the Australian Conservatoire of Ballet, working with many professional dancers from all over the world. Ai runs body conditioning classes at Performance Medicine for her dance students. Ai conducts national and international seminars on Injury Prevention and anatomy for dance students, teachers as well as health practitioners who wish to understand dancers more. Ais’ treatment is a unique combination of remedial massage, sports massage, and pilates exercises that empower clients to enjoy their body’s full potential. Ai’s passion is to educate clients in injury prevention and encourage healthy living through regular soft tissue treatments and body conditioning. Ai is an international best-selling author with her book, "Ballet no Tatchikata Dekitemasuka?" being published in Japan in 2017 and becoming an Amazon bestseller in the dancer/ballet category. Her book explains good posture for dancers and how to achieve it.