Workshop Testimonials 

If you are thinking of attending a workshop but are unsure of how applicable it is to you, we have collected together some feedback from past attendees for you to peruse. All workshops are open to dance teachers, health professionals and movement instructors over the age of 18.  

These workshops help teachers and clinicians implement careful screening protocols at pivotal points in a dancers training, empowering their dancers with detailed knowledge, before injury occurs. I have personally mentored over 1500 dance teachers in implementing dance science into their studios, and constant contact with teachers through an ongoing fortnightly mentorship program has allowed continued refinement of these programs to improve their applicability to the studio setting. The drive behind this is simple; for every teacher that is empowered with safer training methods, there are countless students that will have access to the tools they need to understand their own body, no matter where their dance journey takes them.

Here is a beautiful testimonial by the lovely Tina Sparks at Sparks Dance Centre in Harvey Bay. Tina has been implementing our philosophies into her studio for the past 10 years including both the Level One Dance Teacher Training principles, the Pre-Pointe Assessment process, plus much more. Sparks Dance Centre encourages, mentors & welcomes everyone who loves the performing arts. 

What others are saying

Level One Teacher Training

"I cannot recommend this course enough! As a Physiotherapist and dancer, I found the course content easy to follow and highly applicable, not only to my dancers but to my general clientele also. The online course ran incredibly smoothly - I didn't feel like I missed out for not being there in person. Lisa's passion is inspiring and has motivated me to learn so much more about the human body and how it can adapt. I look forward to attending more courses with Lisa in the future."

Lisa - July 2020

Level Two Flexibility Intensive

"I love the order of operations for flexibility. I think this is really important for clarity, safety and good results, but also to help teach our students/ patients so they can manage their own bodies. As always, I really value Lisa's unique cuing and wording of explanations. I think every word we say has an impact on our clients' understanding of their condition, their perception of their bodies, their feeling of empowerment and much more. THE most important thing as a clinician."

Danielle - Feb 2021

Level Two Pointe Intensive

" I really enjoyed the wealth of information that Lisa brings to her teachings. Everything is presented in a clear and organised manner. I wasn't sure if the virtual workshop would have the same one-on-one feel that the live workshop do, however, Lisa exceeded my expectations. Each day was conversational, interactive, and she did an amazing job to circle back to all or our individual needs and concerns."

Amy - Feb 2021

Level One Dance Teacher Training - Natalie - May 2021

'Thank you so much for the wonderful week of learning. This workshop was incredibly well paced and I was impressed how Lisa took so much time with each of us individually, while also keeping us on task.I also appreciated the mix of sitting and listening, discussing, and having a go physically. There was also a really nice variety of visuals. It was a wonderfully welcoming, supportive atmosphere. I learnt a great deal about how things fit together and how best to troubleshoot for individual students. There's such a huge value in that!

Level One Dance Teacher Training - Maddison - Feb 2021

"Having been frustrated for so many years with questions no one seemed to have answers for, It was pure relief and one Ah ha! moment after another when I met Lisa and joined the Members Portal. The most important thing Lisa gave me and my students was hope for change and improvement and a renewed excitement for learning more about how our intricate bodies are designed.

Lisa is so fun to work with! She's extremely personable, encouraging and makes things easy to use :) The members portal is brilliant! The content is well organized, and very clearly explained. Every time I return to a section for a refresher I am able to absorb a little more.

The coaching calls are the highlight of my week, being able to connect with Lisa in person and have personal feedback is invaluable. I also love how Lisa designs the programs in PDF's with checklists and evaluations making it easy to pass along to my students.

Thanks Lisa for your incredible dedication and passion!"

Training Turnout in Tiny Dancers - Diane - April 2021

"I wanted to share some success stories with you as I have been integrating many things I learned at the Training Turnout in Tiny Dancers workshop as well as other info of yours. And wanted to thank you and Bev again for sharing your knowledge, expertise, and passion for training dancers properly!

I have one dancer (about age 10) who has been screwing her feet and pronating to get/hold her turnout. I've tried several things with her previously but nothing has clicked until this past week. For the last 2 weeks we have been doing the floor barre exercises (just tendus and rond de jambes). And this past Monday as we did the same things in standing she was able to maintain rotation without pronating!!! I also decided to carry the parallel idea forward and we experimented with doing frappes and fondu in parallel. It helped several dancers in this same class!"

Workshops on Offer

Level One Dance Teacher and Therapist Training: This unique course covers a multitude of assessment and treatment techniques to individualise a dancers training. With special focusses on Postural Control, Core Stability, Flexibility, Basic Classical Technique, The Dancers Hip, Allegro, Spinal Mobility and Arabesques, it is suitable for anyone working closely with dancers.

Level Two Pointe Intensive:  This course is perfect for both dance teachers, physiotherapists, podiatrists, pointe shoe fitters and other therapists working with dancers. During this workshop you will learn how; curate your own pre-pointe preparation classes, Integrate the pre-pointe assessment into your studio, conduct detailed pointe shoe fitting techniques, modify pointe shoes for certain foot types, customisation of ribbon placement and elastics, preparatory exercises for the initial progression onto pointe and discussion of many complex questions around preparing for pointe.

Level Two Online Flexibility Intensive: If you are a dance teacher, pilates instructors, gymnastics coaches, martial art instructors and therapists that are working with performance artists this is the perfect continued education course for you. During this course you will understand the multifactorial nature to flexibility training. You will also explore safe ways of assessing exactly where each individual is restricted in order to create the most effective program.

Level Three Online Flexibility Intensive on 'How to Train Extreme Mobility Safely': This workshop will help you assess your students in detail and be able to offer them effective techniques in a logical clear order to get them on the way to achieving THEIR optimal flexibility. It is also for teachers who are concerned at the extreme positions young dancers are wanting to work into, as it gives you safe guidelines on how to guide their development.

Training Turnout in Tiny Dancers: If you are dance teacher, this is the perfect continued education course for you. In this systematic and comprehensive approach to training turnout in tiny dancers, Lisa and Beverly provide dance teachers with direct techniques to use in class to safely develop optimal range and control of motion in all dance students. This program begins by establishing strength and control in parallel, before adding on the control of rotation, which is hugely important in the long term health of dancers’ hips. Using elements of fun and creative play to bring scientific and detailed training programs into dance schools is a unique and effective way to help thousands of young students worldwide.

Lisa Howell. All courses are delivered by the founder and creator of The Ballet Blog Lisa Howell. A physiotherapist with over 20 years experience of working with dancers.