Pointe Articles

Dancing en pointe is a magnificent art form that has completely defined ballet as a practice. It poses many physical challenges for aspiring dancers with many aspects of the body's function being utilised. Over the years, we have been constantly refining our knowledge of pointe work from a physiotherapist's perspective to give you the most up-to-date ideas from the world of dance medicine. We aim to answer your questions and to help you fast-track your progression en pointe.

The Pros and Cons of Foot Stretchers

In this article, we discuss why Foot Stretchers should be avoided and the possible long-term effects of using such methods to improve pointe range.

When Can I Go En Pointe?

We look at some of the factors that affect young girls' progression onto pointe and what milestone a young dancer needs to achieve before starting pointe work.

Are Demi-Pointes Necessary?

The answer to this questions involves answers from both sides of the table. With the help of Australian Ballet Principal Artiste, Vicki Attard, we help to finally answer this question.

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