Seated Rises

We use variations of this one seemingly simple exercise in many different programs for different ages and abilities. How many of these variations do you use?

For all Students:

  • Under 8's: Simple Seated rises in front of the mirror, with a strip of tape along the front of the ankle, can teach young dancers a lot about ankle placement on rise. They can see a curve vs a straight line, when often they can not seem a sickle.
  • Pre-Pointe Students: Peeling the foot from a high demi-pointe to fully pointed with long toes is a perfect exercise to avoid clawing in Pointe Shoes.
  • Advanced Dancers: Learning how to use Tibialis Posterior and relax the big Calf muscle (Gastrocnemius) in the high rise position can dramatically improve the shape of a dancers foot en pointe, and can help offload chronic overloading of the Achilles Tendon.

For Dancers En Pointe:

  • Beginner Pointe 1: Learning how to articulate the foot to keep the toes long as the foot moves from high 3/4 pointe to full pointe is essential for all pointe dancers
  • Beginner Pointe 2: Progress to being able to achieve the same articulation sitting with the leg in turnout, and not looking!
  • Beginner Pointe 3: Progress further by incorporating the same articulation into simple Prances at the barre, in parallel and turnout, and in every tendu or rise.
  • For more Beginner Pointe exercises check out the MY BEGINNER POINTE program

For Teachers and Health Professionals:

  • There are many more ways of using this base exercise to train the dancers body, as explored in this 1 hour long Coaching Call, devoted entirely to the Seated Rises exercise.
  • These bi-weekly Coaching Calls allow detailed, personalised coaching and exploration of the nuances involved in detailed coaching, and refinement of technique on a regular basis.  They are open to any teachers and therapists currently involved in the ongoing mentoring linked with the Level 1 Teacher Training Online Portal. 

To download the PDF associated with this call, CLICK HERE.

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