The Ballet Blog is your ultimate guide to resolving pain, preventing injury, and optimizing dance performance. The information provided here is designed to help you optimize your body’s biomechanics and provide the tools you need to empower you in your own healing.

In 2005, Lisa Howell started Perfect Form Physio which was one of the first physiotherapy clinics who’s sole focus was on the treatment and education of dancers. After over 10 years of working intensively with dancers and constantly seeing the same issues, problems, and injuries, again, and again she simply had to find a way to teach students how to get it right from the beginning. The problem is, if you start off with bad technique, it is VERY hard to UNLEARN this later on. She realized that many of the dance injuries she was seeing were preventable and that dancers simply lacked an understanding of simple biomechanics and the tools needed to optimise the performance of their own body.

As a result of these observations and her experience as a physiotherapist for dancers, Lisa wrote The Perfect Pointe Book which has helped thousands of dancers and their teachers with the knowledge they need to be ready for pointe shoes quicker and safer. Lisa continued in developing more products including The Perfect Pointe System,  The Front Splits Fast Program, Training Turnout and the Will I Ever Dance Again Program. She now also delivers workshops for Students, Dance Teachers and Health Professionals to further increase the number of dancers who have access to high quality care. She notices that every time she produced a new product, blog post, private session or workshop, that it gets her one step closer to her ultimate goal of serving as a healer.

“While most teachers have one group of local students that they nurture — I don’t have one set group of students. I work with students and teachers all around the world, and The Ballet Blog helps me deliver the information needed to help all of them reach their ultimate potential”.

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