Level 3 Understanding and Managing

Hip Injuries in Dancers

For Dance Teachers and Health Professionals

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Although chronic hip pain should never be a “normal thing” for young dancers, the reality is that many dancers all over the world are suffering from chronic hip pain with very little idea of what to do about it. Regular physical therapists and physiotherapists are often at a loss at what to do because of the complex nature of dance and can often only prescribe rest and recovery. We all know very well that this kind of news does not go down well at all with dancers, nor does it have a good outcome.

Hip pain and clicky hips come from a myriad of anatomical and technical faults, all of which must be identified and addressed.  If these fundamental issues are not addressed in detail, the hip injury will tend to reoccur and continue to impede the dancer’s progress.

This course is specifically designed for teachers and therapists as it offers a valuable insight into the true nature of hip injuries and how best to deal with them inside and outside of the classroom. it also empowers both teachers and physio’s to work on these elements with all students to help prevent the initial symptom from becoming a full blown injury.

The full day intensive course covers:

  • The common issues that lead to hip issues of all types
  •  Several common dysfunctions such as labral tears and clicky hips
  • How to best work with these issues in class
  • How to achieve both symptomatic relief and long term correction
  • How to prevent these issues from occurring in other dance students
  • Common dysfunctions such as labral tears and ‘clicky hips’
  • Corrective exercises that students can still work through while still resting and recovering
  • The early signs of injury on-set and the best ways to deal with these occurring in the dance student
  • The best conditioning exercises that can be implemented into a student’s strengthening program to maintain optimal muscle firing

So, what makes this course different from other courses?

Lisa has been a dancer and has been working intensively with dance students for the past 18 years. She has an outstanding understanding of the dancer’s body and the expectations and stresses that are upon it. She has had years on invaluable hands on experience and has discovered hundreds of tips and tricks that will help you solve all of your students’ hip problems that she will share with you.

Not only do you learn the basic principles of injury, assessment and rehabilitation but you will get real hands on work including taping skills, massage technique and manual manipulations for therapists. Guided by Lisa, you will be able to confidently identify basic underlying problems and areas of tension throughout the hips and the rest of the body. Take your teaching and understanding of the dancer’s body to the next level and help your students get back to what they love doing!

This course is ideal for anyone who has students suffering from clicky hips, chronic back pain or marked restriction in mobility. It has proven to be a very helpful summary for helping us guide our own clients through their progression back to dancing in a logical and well thought out sequence. Many dancers are amazed at the wide variety of contributing factors that have been influencing their pain, but once it is laid out in a clear and easy to follow way, their rehab progresses much faster.

As with all of the two day intensives courses you will get the most out of it with a good knowledge of some of the student programs, free articles, and Level One Teacher Training course.

Some helpful resources may include:

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