SINGAPORE – Level 1 – The Fundamentals – Sept 2024

$750.00 AUD

Join Lisa in Singapore for 3 days this September for her comprehensive Level 1 Dance Educator Course!

The Level 1 Fundamentals Course by The Ballet Blog is perfect for dance teachers looking to refine their teaching. This comprehensive program offers a structured curriculum designed to help you understand the dancer’s body to create a strong foundation for dance. From mastering basic positions to understanding the anatomical variations that drive an individual’s ideal alignment and movement, each module is carefully crafted to help you grasp the underlying anatomy and then apply this directly to the studio environment.  Take your teaching to the next level with our Level 1 – The Fundamentals Course!


  • DATES:  Tuesday 17th September 2024 – Thursday 19th September 2024
  • TIMES: 9am to 4pm daily
  • LOCATION: Tanglin Arts Studio
  • ADDRESS:  22 Camden Park Road, Hollandse Club, Singapore, 299814 (Inside the Hollandse Club)
  • PARKING: Free parking onsite
  • NOTE: All participants will need to bring their own yoga mat or towel for floor based exercises


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Traditional teacher training is often focused on how to execute the step, rather than how to train the dancer, leaving many teachers frustrated when working with individuals in the studio. No two dancers’ bodies are the same, which is why different individuals within the same class may struggle with the same training. Many dancers are told that they ‘do not have the body for ballet’ when in reality a more careful assessment of the issue often uncovers a simple restriction that can be worked on.

This unique course gives both dance teachers and therapists a deeper understanding of human anatomy and the mechanics of optimal performance. It helps decrease the frustration of giving the same corrections over and over, by learning how to debug the exact issue, and offer more effective and efficient strategies to your students. With special focuses on Postural Control, Core Stability, Flexibility, Basic Classical Technique, The Dancer’s Hip, Allegro, Spinal Mobility and Arabesques, this course empowers teachers with numerous creative ideas to address common issues in the studio.



  • THREE DAY WORKSHOP: 18 contact hours spread over 3 days of learning. Snacks included!
  • PRINTED COURSE MANUAL: A professionally printed copy of the detailed curse manual will be provided to all participants
  • MEMBERS AREA ACCESS: 6 months free unlimited access to the Level 1 online teacher training portal which includes over 250+ detailed videos of all content in the course for you to review at your own pace.
  • ONGOING COACHING CALLS: Lisa runs a live online coaching call every fortnight based on a question from a current member, giving you the opportunity to continue your learning. This is the perfect time to ask specific questions or submit a case study of your own.
  • PREVIOUS COACHING CALLS: Instant access to the library of over 80 previously recorded Coaching Calls which will help you use the content in real life situations. Each one is approximately one hour in length and is accompanied by a detailed PDF guide for easy application in the studio.
  • ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: We have curated an extensive selection of assessment sheets, class plans, anatomical handouts and mini programs to help you easily integrate the content of the course into your teaching.
  • CEC ACCREDITATION: After this workshop, you will be emailed the CEC Accreditation Application Form, which is designed as an overview of the course in order for you to appropriately claim CEC credits with your governing body for 18 contact hours of education.



  • Tanglin Arts Studio
  • 22 Camden Park Road, Hollandse Club, Singapore, 299814 (It is inside the Hollandse Club)
  • Free parking available onsite






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