How To Get Your Legs Higher In A Développé Devant

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Get instant access to the Online Video training course of this unique program designed to help you get your legs higher in a développé devant, using the least amount of effort to get the nicest line. 

Comprising of 28 clear and concise videos (totalling 01:43 total playing time), this course begins with a series of assessments to establish what your body needs from the program. It then explores a sequence of mobilisation techniques for enhanced flexibility, subtle spinal mobility and pelvic control exercises, and detailed hip control in a very specific sequence. This subtlety of control allows you to achieve height of the leg en l’air without strain or effort, resulting in more beautiful adage and much happier hips!

There are PDF downloads of the workbook for each section at the bottom of the Members Area. This allows you to print out the sheets you need, as well as a handy guide to plan out your individual training program.

If you would prefer the full colour professionally printed workbook thats compliments this online course you can purchase this directly from Amazon. The guide has detailed, illustrated instructions of all of the exercises and helps you keep your notes and progress in one place.


Dancers all over the world ask how they can get their legs higher during a développé devant, and the secrets to this are sometimes a little bit different than they realise. Many people think that if you apply resistance or put weights on your legs and practice the movement then it will get better, but unfortunately that often results in more load through the hips leading to increased tension, more restriction and frustratingly slow progress.

The exercises contained in the course gives you the essentials to achieve high extensions devant with ease. We introduce the training concept of Mobilise – Isolate – Integrate – Function that ensures success in your training, by systematically eliminating the restrictions to beautiful adage. Work smarter and not harder with Lisa as she makes your dreams of high legs a reality!

This program is part of our Training Turnout Series, that approaches the issue of improving turnout in a very practical, safe and effective way. We focus on helping you find specific areas of restriction and offer techniques to mobilise and release any tension safely before delving into specific exercises that isolate the muscles needed to support your legs. The Integration stage is extremely important in learning how to take the slightly more abstract training concepts in the early stages and build them into your movement patterns, while the Functional stage helps build the control and coordination needed to apply them in class.

This online video course perfectly breaks down the steps necessary into an easy-to-follow guide with associated downloads to help you track your progress. After purchase you will gain immediate access to the videos on our exclusive online platform so you can get started today.

If you would like to order the full colour hard copy workbook thats compliments this online course it is available directly from Amazon. This guide has detailed, illustrated instructions of all of the exercises and helps you keep your notes and progress in one place.

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