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Deepen your exploration of the anatomy of the dancers’ hip with this unique Training Turnout eBook. As the second resource in our Training Turnout series this program is a great follow on from our Tips for Turnout Program. Learn how to assess and understand the structure of your own hips, strengthen standing leg turnout and turnout en fondu as well as develop extraordinary control in your adage. With over 60 pages full of information on anatomy, mobilisation techniques, core control, training turnout sequences and more, this is an essential guide for any dancer wanting to refine their technique and unlock the true potential of their turnout.

If you would prefer the full colour professionally printed workbook instead of the ebook, you can purchase this directly through Amazon. This guide has detailed, illustrated instructions of all the exercises and helps you keep your notes and progress in one place.

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About this course:

This unique Training Turnout program is the second resource in our Training Turnout series, and is a great follow on from our Tips for Turnout Program. It deepens the exploration of the anatomy of the dancers’ hip in an easy to understand way, and explores the differences in training turnout in multiple different positions.

Discover the maximal potential for your hips without pain or strain!

Included in this program:

  • Learn how to assess and understand the structure of your own hips including what are true restrictions and what can be improved on.
  • Discover your deep turnout muscles and how to train each of them for ultimate control in all positions.
  • Recognise the relationship between core stability and turnout range and control.
  • Learn modified physiotherapy release techniques to improve range in second splits.
  • Find out how to effectively improve stability of the hips and pelvis while maintaining full range.
  • Strengthen standing leg turnout control in a progressive sequence of exercises.
  • Learn how to control turnout en fondu for optimal leg alignment during jumps.
  • Condition the hamstrings for their essential role in supporting the leg in retiré.
  • Specifically train the deep hip flexors for their very important role of supporting the leg during adage.
  • Develop extraordinary control in a la seconde without irritating the front of the hips.
  • Demystify the secrets of a beautiful arabesque line by addressing each component separately.


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  • Tips for Turnout – This program is the first resource in our Training Turnout series and is a great starting point for anyone wanting to learn more about how to maximise turnout safely.

3 reviews for Training Turnout

  1. Madison

    I brought this book about six months ago because I was told that I had very tight hips and didn’t know how to control my turnout. I was at a lost trying so many different products but nothing ever really worked. Often I would stretch out my hips so much to the point were I couldn’t walk the next day. As soon as a brought the book I started to realize how much damage I am doing to my hips. The book helped me locate where my tension was and how to release it.

    Now before every class I bring my tennis ball with me to go through a couple of exercises and then everyday do some of the strength exercises. All of my teachers have told me what an improvement I have made. Thanks Lisa!

  2. Lisa (verified owner)

    We are 9 and 10 year old sisters, who love ballet. Our mummy bought this manual to help us with our little practise sessions. We choose one or two exercises and mummy helps us get into the correct position. We try and do this once or twice a week, unfortunately homework and bedtime sometimes get in the way! Our grandmother watched our end of term lesson yesterday and said she was amazed at how much our posture had improved. So doing just a little focused work really helps!!

  3. Malika

    Lisa’s programmes are like gold dust to a dancer. I used her Training Turnout, Core Strength and Front Splits Fast programmes and they totally transformed my dancing. It was after only a few months of following these programmes regularly at home that I started to dance like a professional – and then got my first company contract! Amazing!

    • Millie Garrick

      This is amazing to hear Malika! Congratulations on your contract, we can’t wait to hear how your journey continues and we are so glad that we could be a part of it.

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