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The Flexibility Series Posters may be purchased in PDF as a set of five ($40) or individually ($10 each).

The Common Injury Series includes:

  • Clicky Hips:
  • Low Back Pain:
  • Pain at the back of the ankle:
  • Plantar Fascia Pain:
  • “Shin Splints”


As dance educators it is imperative to help your students understand the anatomy of the dancer’s body. With this in mind we have created a series of PDF posters designed to be displayed in your studio, to make it easy to understand and explain the anatomy behind the movement. With clear anatomical images and descriptions of covering areas of interest, along with analysis of common dance injures, they are an essential tool for training intelligent dancers.

The Common Injury Series includes:

  • Shin Splints: Many dancers experience pain in the shins at some point in their training and often get told that they have “Shin Splits”. Shin Splints is not actually a diagnosis, and any shin pain must be correctly identified to allow appropriate and successful treatment to be started. Treatment and rehab for each one will differ due to the wide variety of contributing factors that need to be addressed. Correcting basic technique is essential in preventing recurrence.
  • Plantar Fascia Pain: Many dancers and even more dance teachers complain of pain in the arch/sole of the foot. Many of these individuals get diagnosed with “Plantar Fasciitis” and are often advised to ice, stretch, and massage the plantar fascia area. While this advice is extremely common, unfortunately it rarely resolves the issue, and symptoms can persist for years.
  • Pain at the Back of the Ankle: Pain at the back of the ankle is an issue for many dancers and often gets misdiagnosed as Achilles Tendonitis. In most cases, this is not actually the issue, so getting a correct diagnosis is essential. There are many other common issues that cause pain at the back of the ankle, all of which have different causes and treatment plans. It is obviously very important to identify which one a dancer is suffering from as early as possible to determine the correct treatment.
  • Clicky Hips: While there are lots of different noises that come from dancers’ hips, one of the most common is a deep click in the front of the hip with a Grand Battement or when extending the legs in Pilates-style mat exercises. Understanding the true causes of this clicking can help tailor an effective conditioning program to correct this before it becomes painful.
  • Non-Specific Low Back Pain: There are many different reasons why backs feel sore, and we always recommend getting checked out by a qualified health professional before doing any exercises for back pain. Unfortunately, Many dancers suffer from a kind of back pain that will never show up on scans and can often be elusive to traditional treatment methods.


If you are a dance teacher or health professional and would like to delve deeper into this topic CLICK HERE. 

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Common Injuries Series

The Full Common Injuries Series PDF, Clicky Hips – PDF, Shin Splints – PDF, Plantar Fascia Pain – PDF, Pain at the Back of the Ankle – PDF, Low Back Pain – PDF


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