Injury Report – No More Knee Pain!

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“No More Knee Pain” is the dancers guide to ‘Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome‘ (PFPS) which is a general term for pain around or behind the knee cap. It is very common in dancers of all ages, from pre-pubescent students through to professional dancers and retired teachers. It often creeps up on a dancer as a result of poor alignment and dynamic control of the lower limb, but may also occur as a secondary result of direct trauma or pain in the hip, knee or foot. It can become very persistent (chronic) and quite debilitating in some dancers.

Understanding what Patellofemoral pain really is and getting a good diagnosis are important first steps in learning how to recover from what can often be a recurrent injury. Knowledge is power, and taking some time to really understand the anatomy of the knee, how it is designed to work and what factors are contributing to the pain will give you a much greater chance of resolving the issue and to stop it from returning!


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This report is part of a series of Injury Reports designed to help dancers and their teachers understand any injury that they may have sustained. These reports are not a substitute for qualified medical advice and should never be used to diagnose or treat any injury. Please always consult an experienced medical professional to get a correct diagnosis before including any elements of this report into your rehab program.

However these Injury Reports can be used by dancers to make sure that they are receiving the best possible treatment for their complaint. They can also be used by therapists who are not experienced in treating dancers help their dancing clients more effectively by outlining a comprehensive assessment process, treatment ideas and processes that may be included to build out an effective rehabilitation program. It is essential that we treat not only the symptoms but the deeper causes and contributing factors to any injury.

The secret to long term resolution of most injuries is on correcting all of the factors that led to the injury developing in the first place. This is not only the case with chronic or overuse injuries, but for acute and traumatic injuries as well.

This “No More Knee Pain” report is essential reading for any dancer, dance teacher or therapist dealing with Patellofemoral Pain or other forms of anterior knee pain.


  1. Marjan scholten (verified owner)

    This guide is so clarifying! It is easy to read and loaded with information.
    Now I know why all the therapies I got over the last 15 years failed …….. “one size fits all programs” don’t work for me. Every body is different and every body has its own needs.

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