Level 2 – Pointe Intensive – Self-Guided Option – The Perfect Pointe System

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‘The Perfect Pointe System’ takes the science of dance medicine out of the text book and into the classroom! Enjoy the combination of anatomical and scientific research in a clear and easy-to-use format to transform your teaching of pointe work to young students. Having an in-depth pre-pointe preparation and assessment process at your studio can make all the difference with your students success en Pointe.

The Perfect Pointe System is the Self-Guided version of our Level 2 Pointe Intensive course, which is available as in Online course or in  person at select locations each year. This course is designed for both Dance Teachers & Health Professionals working with dancers, to give you the most up-to-date advice in the industry, to help you understand your students needs, analyse their differences, and help them succeed en Pointe.

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The Perfect Pointe Book - Pre-Reading

It is highly recommended that you are familiar with The Perfect Pointe Book, before attending any of the Dance Educator Workshops in The Pointe Series. The four stages of tests and exercises within the book are ideal for pre-pointe preparation classes, students close to achieving pointe shoes and students already en pointe looking for extra strength and technique training.

This resource is available at a 20% discount when you secure your spot on the Level Two Pointe Intensive, or the Self-Guided option (The Perfect Pointe System).

Please note that this is a digital product only and will give you access to the videos and ebook online. If you would like to purchase a hardcopy of the book, you can do so directly through Amazon. 


  • Learn a comprehensive process of pre-pointe assessment!
  • Gain confidence and the understanding of how best to prepare a student for pointe work!
  • See your student’s progress at accelerated rates!
  • Advance your knowledge under the clear simple guidance of a leading Dance Physical Therapist!

The Perfect Pointe System includes in-depth explanations of over 25 special tests ensuring comprehensive screening to guarantee a safe progression onto pointe. However the manual is just the beginning! The Perfect Pointe System is a complete package to give you all of the information needed to safely guide your students onto pointe.

The Exclusive Online Members Area Includes :

  • Lifetime access to over 100 videos explaining the process and each exercise in detail
  • A section on preparation for pointe, including class plans for optimal development in the years leading up the assessment
  • Access to all of the PDF files you need to make the most of this system, including:
    • The full Course Manual
    • Our unique pre-pointe assessment sheets with a simple marking system that you can use to frequently assess your students’ progress
    • Variations of the assessment sheets for visual learners
    • A mini assessment for quick check ups
    • A Student Workbook to encourage independent learning
  • An “Ideas for Integration” PDF and class plans to help seamlessly integrate the system into your studio
  • Videos of the Online delivery of the Level 2 Pointe Intensive workshop
  • Footage of a case study applying the system of assessment to an older student returning to pointe following an injury
  • In depth discussion of other factors that must be considered when progressing students onto pointe – ie: Age and Skeletal Maturity, Hyper-mobility, Height, Weight and Maturity.
  • Advice on fitting pointe shoes and safe beginner pointe exercises.



“I love The Perfect Pointe System and I’ve had much success with it in my classes. I have now progressed several students onto pointe who are doing beautifully, and I have several more who will be ready to commence pointe work soon. My students absolutely love Lisa’s program, and it’s been such a wonderful addition to our studio. Since I started using The Perfect Pointe System in my Pre-Pointe class, the enrolment in that course has nearly doubled!! I even have students who have been en pointe since before I got the system taking the class because they want that comprehensive, full-body evaluation and training. We are located in a heavily populated suburban area with a LOT of dance studios close by,  and featuring training like The Perfect Pointe System and the Front Splits Fast program is something that really sets us apart from our neighbours.”

– Brittany Gacek, Elite Academy of Dance, Illinois USA

Our Pointe Intensive is designed for both dance teachers and therapists who work with dancers!

Progressing onto pointe is one of the biggest rites of passage a young dancer faces, it is often a very exciting time. However, it is also very challenging. The excitement of that shiny new pair of shoes is often quickly soured with the onset of pain and blisters, but it does not have to be this way. Given a slow and careful preparation, along with a detailed assessment of the dancer before pointe work is introduced, it can be one of the most amazing times and opens up a whole new world of possibilities in dance.

Historically, pointe work can be tricky for some feet. While some may find it hard to fully rise over the block of the shoe, others may be dealing with excessive mobility within the major joints of the foot and find that they have very little control over their ankles. Since every dancer is different, the journey onto pointe is going to differ for every dancer. In addition, many dancers dance en pointe for years so getting it right at the very beginning is crucial to ensure a long lasting career that is injury free!

This course looks at how we can more effectively prepare young dancers and their parents for the process of preparing to go onto pointe. Adequate education well ahead of the final formal pointe screening will help avoid many broken hearts, as well as reducing the likelihood of injury.

Assessing the individual dancer thoroughly before going on pointe is absolutely paramount to success en pointe and is slowly becoming more commonplace in dance schools around the world. Having a clear system that allows you to accurately identify areas of weakness, tightness and instability in a dancer allows us to give them specific exercises that will help optimise their function.

The assessment process explores simple screening tests that teachers and therapists can check before allowing their students to go onto pointe. This may be done as individual private assessments, or in a group setting over time. Effective and efficient mobilisation techniques are also introduced to help improve common areas of restriction, such as pointe range, plié range and turnout range and control.

During this dance teacher and health professional Intensive you will learn how to conduct:

▪️ A Pre-Pointe Questionnaire
▪️ Postural assessment
▪️ Detailed screening of feet, hips & core
▪️ Assessment of the other factors that may affect Pointe work
▪️ How to screen students already on Pointe to enhance technique

We also explore:
▪️ How to curate your own pre-pointe preparation classes
▪️ Integration of the pre-pointe assessment into your studio
▪️ Detailed pointe shoe fitting techniques
▪️ Modification of pointe shoes for certain foot types
▪️ Customisation of ribbon placement and elastics
▪️ Preparatory exercises for the initial progression onto pointe
▪️ Discussion of many complex questions around preparing for pointe


Do I have to be on Pointe to attend the course? You do not have to be en pointe to attend this online workshop! However, if you are currently en pointe, feel free to to have your pointe shoes handy. You do not need to have a student model with you during the course, however, if you have a student or colleague that you can practice the pre-pointe assessment and pointe exercises with after each session then this will be helpful.

Can I attend this course before completing the Level One Course?  Due to the new format of this workshop this Three Day Online Intensive can be taken as a stand alone course. However, we highly recommend you familiarise yourself  with Lisa's approach to Pointe Work by revisiting the Perfect Pointe Book, before attending the course.  If you wish to delve deeper we highly recommend  you attend  the Level 1 Teacher Training either in person or online, or sign up to the Online Teacher Training Portal.

Pre-requisite Videos

The following videos are examples of content from the Level 1 course that should be reviewed before attending.


Doming Exercises - The Good and the Bad


Why NOT to point into a Theraband


The Pros and Cons of Foot Stretchers

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