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It is highly recommended that you are familiar with The Perfect Pointe Book, before attending any of the Dance Educator Workshops in The Pointe Series. The four stages of tests and exercises within the book are ideal for pre-pointe preparation classes, students close to achieving pointe shoes and students already en pointe looking for extra strength and technique training.

This resource is available at a 20% discount when you secure your spot on the Level Two Pointe Intensive, or the Self-Guided option (The Perfect Pointe System).

Please note that this is a digital product only and will give you access to the videos and ebook online. If you would like to purchase a hardcopy of the book, you can do so directly through Amazon. 


The Perfect Pointe Book will help you to increase the strength of your feet and ankles, increase your pointe range, fine tune your technique, and improve your flexibility and turnout. The book guides you through tests for each stage so that you can work out where you problem areas are and then teaches you to work on those important technical aspects which you need in order to go en pointe.

“The Perfect Pointe Book” is a fantastic resource for dancers of all ages. It is designed to guide you through all of the stages required for pointe work, to make sure you have a safe and fun progression onto pointe!

This invaluable resource was written by a Physiotherapist (Physical Therapist) with over 20 years of experience in treating dancers and preparing them for pointe work. It is designed to combine classical technique training with physiotherapy techniques to fine tune and accelerate your preparation for pointe work!, this book is worth its weight in gold! The book, available in a downloadable e-book (or hard copy upgrade) and accompanying MP4 video files teach you:

  • A breakdown of all the strength and technique requirements for a safe and easy progression onto pointe
  • Simple tests to show you how prepared you are for pointe work already
  • What any weaknesses or restrictions mean, and how to fix them
  • Simple massage techniques to improve your pointe range
  • How to strengthen your internal foot muscles to avoid injuries en pointe Different ways to wake up your real turnout muscles for ballet
  • How to get true core stability so that you can balance en pointe safely

The program then guides you through four special exercise programs designed to really target those areas and improve your technique and strength as quickly as possible!

  1. FABULOUS FLEXIBILITY – The first stage includes tests and exercises to make sure that you can get your foot into the best position for pointe work. Some people will find this stage easy, others will find it harder. No matter where you start, the easy exercises and stretches will help you get a great looking pointe.
  2. MARVELLOUS MUSCLES – Here you learn about all the different muscles in your feet, and why it is important to get the right ones strong. Mastering the fine control of your toes helps prevent blisters on the toes, as well as overuse problems in the shins. This stage will transform your feet forever.
  3. TERRIFIC TURNOUT – Getting onto pointe is not all about your feet! Find out how to find your true turnout muscles and make them stronger, so that you don’t start dancing in parallel once you are up en pointe.
  4. BEYOND THE BARRE – Finding your balance off the barre and strengthening your core is so important in keeping your body strong. A dancer may have fantastic feet, but unless they can hold it all together away from the barre they will not go far!

Because all of the tests and exercises now recorded on video, you can watch videos of girls just like you going through all of the exercises and tests. Over 2 hours of video footage is included in the exclusive Members Area!

If you are anything like me when I was starting pointe work, you will be dying to know how to get strong enough to go en pointe quickly, and are always on the lookout for any tips that will help make your dancing spectacular!

Well, you have found the perfect solution!


After over 18 years of working intensively with dancers as a therapist and constantly seeing the same weaknesses resulting in the same problems en pointe, I simply had to find a way to teach students how to get it right from the beginning. The problem is, if you start off with bad technique, it is VERY hard to UNLEARN this later on.

It doesn’t matter if you just do ballet for fun or if you plan on becoming a professional ballerina, this book is an essential part of your ballet bag. Whether you are just beginning pointe, or have been en pointe for years, you will learn so much about your body and how it should work by going through this process. With this book you get to learn what muscles do what, why some people find it easier than others, how to improve your turnout and how to get a great looking pointe!

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