Andrew Pilcher - Physiotherapist

Company Name: Performance Medicine


Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 


  • Attended: Level 2 Flexibility Intensive, 2017  


Andrew is a physiotherapist, working extensively with dancers, singers, acrobats and other high level performers and has a passion to help performers achieve their full potential. Andrew worked for several years in London at PhysioEd Medical on Harley Street on over 30 West End productions. He has extensive TV experience with BBC television performing shows. He has expertise with performers in the commercial, classical and music theatre fields. He has an interest area in treating issues arising from hypermobility. Andrew has an extensive background in Vocal Physiotherapy and has been lecturing in many of London’s top performance institutes. Andrew now lectures in the Dance department at Melbourne University VCA campus teaching anatomy and physiology. Andrew is a uniquely skilled in manual therapy or ‘hands on’ treatment and prefers this as the most effective treatment option. Andrew teaches clinical pilates in APMA equivalent accreditation. He uses dry needling. Andrew trained in Perth, Western Australia and has a performance background himself in music, singing and acting. He is part way through his Master of Manipulative physiotherapy training. He is married to a Musical Theatre performer, actress and choreographer/producer and has two young childers. He loves running, cycling and producing arts initiatives with his wife.