Danielle Davey - Health Professional

Company Name: Edgeworth Physiotherapy 

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Location: Edgeworth, New South Wales, Australia 

and treating online through The Pole Physio (for clients anywhere in the world other than USA due to USA legislation)


  • Attended: Level 1 teacher and health professional training, 2020
  • Attended: Level 2 pointe intensive, 2020
  • Attended: Level 2 flexibility intensive, 2020
  • Attended: Level 3 flexibility intensive, 2022


Dani graduated BPhysio in 2012 and has since been working in private practice. Additionally, she has nearly 10 years experience teaching pole and aerials. Dani treats in person in Newcastle, NSW, as well as taking online clients from 2023 through The Pole Physio. She has a passion for educating and empowering her clients to care for and understand their own bodies so they can persue their full expression of their art. Her primary interest areas are ballet, pole and circus, hypermobility, gymnastics and other artistic athletes. Dani also shares her love of performing arts medicine through hosting workshops for artists and teachers in studios and online.


Very much enjoyed the L1 workshop. It has allowed me to put my breathing, core and turn out knowledge in to better words and exercises. The workshop greatly improved my knowledge of technical dance, functional anatomy and precursors to injury. I have been able to integrate things I have learned with even my non-dance clients.