Do you want Instant Strength Gains?

You have mastered your technique, achieved a solid grounding in turnout and flexibility, so what's next? We need to strengthen these movements by applying load and resistance.

Most athletes will have a strength and conditioning aspect to their training program that involves loading the tissues with an external weight or force. If we want to get stronger at a movement we need to stress the body to get a positive change in the tissues which results in more power and strength in that movement pattern. The effect of gravity on the body provides enough stimulus initially to get stronger, but we then plateau as we get more efficient with our movement.

How do we then progress further?

Simple...we need to load our movements.It is not that easy however in dance to perform movements or choreography with dumbbells or kettle bells. We can do weighted squats to aid our jump height, or an over head press to aid with presage and lifts, but these are still quite restrictive with dynamic movement.

The Band-ITS resistance training system allows for gentle yet effective load whilst enabling the dancer to move with complete freedom. Resistance bands have been used in the world of fitness and physio rehab for many years because they are effective and give results. This equipment is light, easy to use and has a solid grounding with both positive scientific and experiential outcomes.

This short video shows just how easy it is to use Band-ITS with your dance training.......with immediate results.


What have people been saying so far? See these real-time results from both dancers and clinical therapists.


Will I hurt myself?

If you have learnt good technique, followed the advice on this site, then the next natural step is to strengthen these movements. Band-ITS are subtle enough to bring about change in the recruitment of motor units without causing any damage to the tissue or painful after effects the next day.

Will I get bulky thighs?

No, absolutely not! This product works on the efficiency of movement and neuro-muscular control. We are not building muscle tissue and motor units to make a bigger muscle. It will give the effect of 'ease of movement'; your legs will feel light and more powerful!

Do I have to do a special workout?

No, you can simply add the bands and do your normal technique training. You could even wear them in class for barre work or allegro, or both. They can even be worn safely for point work.

How do I use it?!

The kit includes a physio endorsed introductory DVD and PDF of ballet strengthening exercisesThis kit has durable metal attachment clips, thus improving the longevity and comfort of your product.


Dance Conditioning Resources

If you are looking to delve deeper into this topic, check out the following programs:

  • Dance Conditioning One: This program is a wonderful collection of exercises and releases for beginner and intermediate dance students, those under the age of 16 years or with less than four years training. This program includes a range of Pilates and Yoga based exercises specifically geared towards improving your core stability, turnout and some foot work.
  • Level One Dance Teacher and Therapist Training: This unique course covers a multitude of assessment and treatment techniques to individualise a dancer's training. With special focusses on Postural Control, Core Stability, Flexibility, Basic Classical Technique, The Dancers Hip, Allegro, Spinal Mobility and Arabesques, it is suitable for anyone working closely with dancers.

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