Emily Koschyk - Dance Teacher

Emily Koschyk - Dance Teacher & Health Professional Directory - Lisa Howell - The Ballet Blog

Company name: Freelance Dance Teacher

Location: West Sussex, United Kingdom 


  • Attended: Level 1 Oslo 2016, Level 1 Munich 2018, Level 2 Flexibility Intensive, Online, February 2021 


Emily trained at London College of Dance and Drama in Bedford and graduated with Distinction in Teaching Studies. In 1988 she moved to Germany and taught in various schools around the country before opening her own school in 1998. At this time, she also led a full-time teacher training programme, from which many young teachers successfully graduated. In 2020 Emily relocated back to the south of England and now teaches on a freelance basis. She conducts workshops and teaches at various summer schools in Europe. Since its inception in 2004 Emily has been a tutor for a number of modules of the Royal Academy of Dance CBTS and also tutors on the PDPTC Programme based in Berlin. She is an examiner and CPD tutor for all levels from Pre-Primary to Advanced 2 and travels extensively in these roles.


Lisa's workshops are always an amazing experience. She has such passion for her subject and is so generous in imparting her knowledge. Participating in her workshops and reading her articles has absolutely changed my way of teaching. I feel I am so much more effective in working with my students now and am able to support them especially in their understanding of core stability and flexibility. I would highly recommend anyone to attend one of Lisa's courses and profit from her experience and knowledge.