Pain At The Back Of The Ankle - Free PDF

Pain At The Back of The Ankle - Free PDF

Pain at the back of the ankle is a big issue for many dancers and often gets misdiagnosed as Achilles Tendinopathy. In many cases, the Achilles Tendon is not actually the issue, so getting a correct diagnosis is essential. Download our Free PDF to identify what type of pain you have so that you can eliminate it.

Dance Injury Resources

If you are looking to delve deeper into this topic, check out the following programs:

Will I Ever Dance Again: The “Will I Ever Dance Again?” program is perfect if you are unable to train at full capacity, whether this is due to a foot injury, surgery, an accident or illness outside of the studio. It helps you build back to full capacity gradually, while maintaining strength, flexibility and control in the rest of the body.

Level One Dance Teacher and Therapist Training: This unique course covers a multitude of assessment and treatment techniques to individualise a dancers training. With special focusses on Postural Control, Core Stability, Flexibility, Basic Classical Technique, The Dancers Hip, Allegro, Spinal Mobility and Arabesques, it is suitable for anyone working closely with dancers.

Anatomy Posters: These A3 posters are a great addition to the studio, to make it easy for teachers to explain the anatomy behind the movement to dance students. With clear anatomical images and descriptions of how each muscle works in a dancer, they are an essential tool for training intelligent dancers.