Sun Salutations

This simple yoga-based sun salutation routine is a great way to mobilise all areas of the body and can be used at any time during the day. You can use it in the morning when waking up, during your warm up for class, as a cool down, or to get yourself moving after sitting in front of a TV or computer for too long!  Always remember that this routine is not about stretching as far as you can go, it is about mobilising all areas of the body in alignment with your breath. Keep the focus on the breath at all times, making sure it remains slow and low. Especially focus on the flexion and extension of the upper back throughout the routine as this helps mobilise both your fascial and neural systems.

Even if you have done a lot of yoga, please make sure to go through the sequence with the instructions carefully. Many dancers sink into the areas where they are more mobile and miss some of the benefits of the full sequence. I point out many tiny adjustments to help you get the most of this powerful sequence. Take your time with the first sequence before moving into the advanced variation. 

This video is part of the Front Splits Fast Flexibility program that is available as both an online video course and a hard copy book


This sequence mobilises both the Fascial and Neural systems, both of which can limit your flexibility. It is extremely important to get both of these systems hydrated and mobilised before performing any muscular stretches. 

For more information on each of these systems and how they affect your flexibility, please check out the following posts:


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