Last night Lisa was featured in a special segment on the ABC in regards to the risks of overstretching in young dancers. You can see the full segment here...

She has also been interviewed by the ABC Radio in Hobart this morning, and you can listen to her discuss several issues around the topic. The audio is over 2 hours long, and she is on right at the end, so scroll through to 2:14:10 to hear the interview.

We are delighted that the mainstream media are starting to take notice of this industry wide epidemic. After the screening of the segment many people are contacting us with stories of injuries sustained due to over-stretching. It actually took the high level producer some convincing that this was a news worth story, so if you would like to hear more, or have a story to share, please contact them directly using this page...

To watch the full length feature piece, click here.

Please note that the reference to RG Dance in this piece was completely the decision of the ABC. My involvement in this piece was not a personal attack on anyone featured and I actually advised the producers not to make it personal about anyone. This is an industry wide issue and a global one, far beyond any one individual, school or country. Every statement I made was about minimising risk of injury in students and the acceleration of issues we are seeing in dance students in the clinic (and abroad) from all different schools, and the long term effects that this can have. They filmed me for 2.5 hours which included far more detail on the issues we are seeing and the influences that I believe are contributing to this. We are hoping to be able to access more of this footage in a larger piece to help give more detail on the issue, and the solutions.

If you would like to read more about the specific risks of each of the movements that dance students are attempting, please use the following links: