The Flexibility Series- PDF Posters

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The Flexibility Series Posters may be purchased in PDF as a set of five ($40) or individually ($10 each).

The Full Flexibility Series includes: 

  • What is Fascia? (Version 1 or 2)
  • Types of Stretching
  • The Dancers Slump
  • Thoracic Mobilisers
  • Hamstring Mobilisers


As dance educators it is imperative to help your students understand the anatomy of the dancer’s body. With this in mind we have created a series of A3 posters designed to be displayed in your studio, to make it easy to understand and explain the anatomy behind the movement. With clear anatomical images and descriptions of covering areas of interest, along with analysis of common dance injures, they are an essential tool for training intelligent dancers.

The Full Set includes: 

  • What is Fascia?: Fascia is one of the most important organs in the human body, and understanding its complexity is essential to getting the most out of any type of flexibility training.
  • Types of Stretching: There are many different approaches to stretching and some are more beneficial than others at different points in your training. Make sure you are using the right style of flexibility training at the right time for best results.
  • The Dancers Slump: Restoring the ability of the nerves to slide down the back line of the body can rapidly restore mobility. Make sure to clear any points of tension along the line first to allow optimal sliding of the nerves.
  • Thoracic Mobilisers: These thoracic mobilisers are a wonderful way to gently but effectively improve mobility in both the upper and lower body. Try doing a spinal roll down before and after this sequence to assess its effectiveness.
  • Hamstring Mobilisers: These mobilisers are designed to increase hydration in all the tissues that surround the hamstrings. Make sure that any tension is felt around the back of the thigh, rather than into the calf. If there is any sharpness or a tingling sensation, it may be a neural restriction rather than a fascial pull.




If you are a dance teacher or health professional and would like to delve deeper into this topic CLICK HERE. 

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The Flexibility Series

The Full Flexibility Series – PDF, What is Fasica – V1 – PDF, What is Fasica – V2 – PDF, Types of Stretching – PDF, The Dancers Slump – PDF, Thoracic Mobilisers – PDF, Hamstring Mobilisers – PDF


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