The Turnout Muscles (The Hip Series)

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Visualising where the six deep external rotators are and how they contribute to external rotation in different positions can dramatically help improve control of turnout in class. In this poster we discuss each of the external rotators in detail,  along with exercise ideas.


The posters in The Hip Series can be bought individually or get 20% off when you purchase 5 or more. The full series includes:

  • The Turnout Muscles: Visualising where your turnout muscles are and how they contribute to turnout in different positions can dramatically help improve control of turnout in class.
  • The Gluteal Muscles: Efficient activation and timing of the gluteal muscles is essential to maintain a heathy spine and pelvis. many dancers overuse some aspects of the gluteals while underusing others.
  • The Hamstring: Many dancers focus on stretching their hamstrings, but few are aware of the nuances of each muscle within this group. Keep in mind that excessive tension is often a sign of compensation for weakness elsewhere, and strengthening these muscles is essential to developing optimal flexibility.
  • The Inner Thigh Muscles: The inner thigh area is made up of many different muscles. Adductor Magnus, Brevis, and Longus work in conjunction with several other muscles to stabilise or adduct the hip in various positions. Understanding the location of these muscles and training them correctly is essential for long term hip health.
  • The Hip Flexors: Many dancers with tight hips spend hours stretching their hip flexors, when unfortunately this is often doing more harm than good. Understanding the relationships between the different hip flexors, and why they get tight, is essential to maximising range of motion in the hips.
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These satin posters bring anatomy to life on top-tier quality 210 gsm satin paper. With a low-glare satin finish, these posters can be exquisitely showcased in any indoor environment. 

.: 210gsm satin paper
.: Low-glare finish
.: NB! For indoor use only

12″ × 18″ 24″ × 36″
Width, cm 30.48 60.96
Height, cm 45.72 91.44



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