Turnout Resources

Members Area

Many of the products that we have created have special online Members Areas, so that you can access the content in video format. If you have purchased the 'Online Version' of the program, and are logged in, simply click on the cover of the program you wish to work on to get access.

If you have purchased a hard copy of any of the products on Amazon, please contact us to get a special discount code for the associated Members Area. 

Tips for Turnout

Everyone struggles with turnout at some point whether it is their range, control or holding it during extensions. This 'Tips for Turnout' guide is a great starting point for anyone wanting to learn more about how to maximise turnout safely, and is the first resource in our Training Turnout Series. It gives you tips on improving your range, developing control of your standing leg and specific ways to increase the height of your développé devant.

Training Turnout

This unique Training Turnout program is a great follow on from our Tips for Turnout Program. It deepens the exploration of the anatomy of the dancers' hip, and includes several assessment techniques to help you understand the structure of your own hips, including what are true restrictions and what can be improved on. The program then explores ways of discovering your deep turnout muscles and how to training each of them for ultimate control in all positions. Find out how to effectively improve stability of the hips and pelvis while maintaining full range and specifically train à la seconde and achieve a beautiful arabesque line without irritating the front of the hips.

Développé Devant

Get instant access to the Online Video training course of this unique program designed to help you get your legs higher in a développé devant, using the least amount of effort to get the nicest line. Comprising of 28 different videos, this course begins with a series of assessments to establish what your body needs from the program. It then explores a sequence of mobilisation techniques for enhanced flexibility, subtle spinal mobility and pelvic control exercises, and detailed hip control in a very specific sequence. This subtlety of control allows you to achieve height of the leg en l’air without strain or effort, resulting in more beautiful adage and much happier hips!