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Ball Conditioning for Dancers

A large exercise ball can be a dancers' best friend and is wonderful for assisting in developing deep core strength, however many people do not know how to use a ball properly. This course starts with the basics of core control and progresses to advanced exercises in an easy to follow way. Combining exercises on the stability ball with the principals of Pilates enhances your core activation and strength and stability through you pelvis and hips. You will also learn how to increase mobility and control of your spine, which will rapidly improve your overall strength for dance class. While some activation and isolation exercises are explored on the mat, we will also challenge our bodies in various positions in relation to the ball from very basic exercises to others at a high level.

Dance Conditioning One

This Dance Conditioning program is wonderful for any dancer, no matter what your chosen genre. It explores the most effective and current ways to approach your warm up, mobilisation techniques for enhanced flexibility, spinal and pelvic mobility and control, and detailed foot control. It also introduces a concept of Mobilise - Isolate - Integrate - Function that can help you structure your conditioning programs for the best effect!

Développé Devant

Get instant access to the Online Video training course of this unique program designed to help you get your legs higher in a développé devant, using the least amount of effort to get the nicest line. Comprising of 28 different videos, this course begins with a series of assessments to establish what your body needs from the program. It then explores a sequence of mobilisation techniques for enhanced flexibility, subtle spinal mobility and pelvic control exercises, and detailed hip control in a very specific sequence. This subtlety of control allows you to achieve height of the leg en l’air without strain or effort, resulting in more beautiful adage and much happier hips!