The Pompeii Challenge

What variations can you do?

Integrating dance conditioning exercises into mini routines to music is a great way to cover a lot of exercises in a short space of time within a class, and helps build the endurance needed to perform a full length piece. Dance conditioning sequences can either be a set sequence of exercises set to music (as explored in this section) or cleverly incorporated into the choreography of a piece.

"Pompeii" is a song by British pop rock band Bastille and is a great track to work on multiple stability and balance challenges, due to its unique lyrics. This sequence alternates between variations of the Adult Crawling exercise, standing balances with eyes closed, and sustained balances on rise, plus combinations of the two for an extra challenge!


The Full Sequence to Music:

Test yourself, or create your own, and post your version tagging @theballetblogofficial with #adultcrawling & #thepompeiichallenge