Virtual Workshops

Unfortunately our popular in-person workshops are simply not possible in the current climate, so many of our original teacher training courses have been revised to allow delivery via online virtual workshops. We all know that learning in person is so much more engaging than watching videos online and I personally love meeting every teacher who attends my courses. To replicate the depth of learning and personal connection we feel at the in-person course, the content for each virtual workshop is delivered in a combination of live teaching, pre-recorded content and personal exploration.

There are also numerous downloadable resources included in each workshop, such as course manuals, workbooks and assessment sheets, all created to help you apply your learning directly into the studio or clinic.

All virtual workshops are open to Dance Teachers, Health Professionals, Pilates Instructors and other individuals involved in working with dancers, however it is highly advised that you attend the Level 1 course either online or in person before attending any Level 2 courses.

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  • Level 1 – The Fundamentals – Online: Starting 26th Feb, 2024

    $600.00 AUD
  • Level 2 – The Perfect Pointe System – Online: Starting 11th July 2024

    $450.00 AUD
  • Level 2 – Training Turnout in Tiny Dancers – Online: Starting 8th August 2024

    $500.00 AUD
  • Level 3 – Extreme Mobility – Online: Starting 12th August 2024

    $400.00 AUD
  • Level 3 – Foot and Ankle Injuries in Dancers Course: Online – Starting 24th June 2024

    $750.00 AUD