Brand New Dance Injury Videos on The Ballet Blog

By far the majority of the questions that we get from readers are ones about how to deal with, and recover from injury. This is a HUGE topic, and there is a huge amount of information on specific injuries, however I realised that there was no one place with a general guide on exactly what to do through the whole treatment process.

So, I have created a series of videos to help you treat and recover from any dance injury in the most efficient and effective way possible, to allow you to get back to dancing better than ever.



1. How To Treat a Dance Injury

Everyone’s had one of those moments where you come down on your foot wrong in class or worse yet, you’re doing something completely unrelated to dance and you go over on your ankle and you know that something is really wrong. This video shows your some of the things that you can do right at the point of injury to stop it from getting any worse and to help you learn how to treat a dance injury much more effectively.   



2. How To Get A Correct Diagnosis

In the second video we discus important things to do or ask when you go to see a therapist to ensure that you get the most out of your session, and most importantly, to get a correct diagnosis. Use the helpful list of questions to ensure you get a good differential diagnosis, rather than a generic one.



3. Don’t Have a Dance Physio? Don’t Worry!

This third video gives you practical tips on how to get the best possible treatment, even if your therapist does not know anything about dance. These simple ideas can help your therapist understand the unique needs of a dancer, and the level of physical activity that you need to return to. Essential viewing for any dancer or dance teacher!

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