The way in which we approach flexibility now is very different to the way we used to think about flexibility, even 5 years ago. We have know for years that flexibility is not just about muscle tension, and that it is greatly impacted by other factors such as neural tension, fascial mobility and other factors like stress. However, our understanding of these elements, especially in the world of fascia, has deepened with recent research.

This has helped us to review the way in which we treat flexibility dysfunction and restrictions in the body. Your ability to understand your own body is essential in achieving your ultimate flexibility. Make sure to work your way through the wide variety of articles and videos on this page to learn more about the fascinating world of flexibility!

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What is Fascia?

Understanding the role that Fascia plays in your flexibility can dramatically change how you work with your body, and the results you get. Leverage recent scientific research to get the results you want!

Is Over-Stretching Bad?

Facebook and Instagram are flooded with photos of dancers performing jaw-dropping leg mounts and back extensions. But what are these positions doing to your body long-term?

What Is Hypermobility?

Hypermobility is an increased laxity in the connective tissue in the body, most noticeably in the ligaments of a dancer's body. Learn about how to assess the degree of an individual's hypermobility.

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