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The Importance Of Crawling

Crawling is a very important developmental milestone to not only go through, but also to revisit frequently to develop and maintain optimal functioning of the human body. This movement should be one of the most natural movements, but for many people it is surprisingly difficult. However, with a little focused practice, restoring the natural crawling motion can have a huge influence on your overall stability, especially on the Anterior Oblique Sling.

6 Directional Breathing

Interestingly, if there is one thing almost all dancers need to work on, it is their breathing pattern. Many individuals know that they have an issue with their breathing, yet very few are aware of just how much this influences their flexibility, their core stability, their dancing, or their health in general. This 6 Directional Breathing Exercise is  a wonderful way to feel the connection of the breath to deep core control.

The Tucks & Tilts Sequence

Many dancers have trouble with their lower back, and are often told that they need to improve their "Core Stability". Unfortunately many of the exercises that dancers attempt are too advanced, and often create more back issues than they solve. This exercise is excellent for improving the mobility and control of your lower back and is a great way to start to the day.

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